Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Q&A on Quilt along (and a widget!)

I'll post answers to questions for the supply list here over the next couple of days.

1) No need for lots of printing, you can do that but if you do, you need printer ink and paper, not tracing paper.  All you will need is 1 print copy of the pattern. Perhaps a friend will let you use their printer if you don't have one?

2) FQ's will work for this but you have to do your own math.  I tried to do it but found I was confusing myself and that meant the chances of confusing you would be great. To determine if you have enough FQ fabric, you can use the individual cut section sizes first listed. I am not providing cutting instructions, it doesn't matter which way you cut, it only matters that you get pieces for each section in the sizes I've indicated (and more on that next week.)

Now, if you want to let others know you are participating (or if you just want to help spread the word), I think I've acutally created a functioning button that you can add to your own blog.  See my side bar for the code. :)  It is linked to my blog as opposed to a specific post, but that's the best I can do for now.



Shay said...

I have duly swiped your blog button and am proudly displaying it on my blog...

Now off to find the perfect fabric...does this count towards my yearly total?

Barb said...

I will post for you but don't enter me in this giveaway because you know I can get my hands on this fabric really easy...HA!!! Thanks for the shout out!!