Friday, January 22, 2010

Another finish - LSU Quilt

I've finished another quilt!

Invariably, and I must share this, the minute I complete a quilt and lay it down for photos, one, then two and eventually all three dogs come to test it out.  You should have seen me wrestle (literally!) with the girl on the right when I laid down my penguin wall hanging. I was laughing so hard, she couldn't take my "no" seriously and kept trying to get on that thing to lay down. She pushed, leaned, low-crawled to get to it... but I digress.

The LSU quilt is complete. I tried practicing again on machine binding (if you look closely, you can see the stitching on the back of the quilt where the binding is) but alas, I miss edges (must have a problem pinning accurately because it surely can't be I'm not sewing a straight line!)

I just hate the way it looks so back to hand-finishing the binding.  That's okay, it gives me time with the hubby watching television together (translate that to the shows he likes which I don't care much for.)

I also tried writing with Ms. Midge. Surprisingly, I can write very well going sideways up a quilt and straight across a quilt. You may not think this is much to brag about but in the world of Sarcastic Quilter, it's HUGE.  I have the penmenship of an 80-year old doctor who cannot see.  Always have.

At last! The tall son comes home and can hold the quilt up so you can see the entire thing without the fur-babies.


Barb said...

Turned out really nice....funny about the dogs....

Anonymous said...

I have the SAME problem any time I put ANYTHING fabric, ANYWHERE near the floor. Hank automatically thinks it's his and then it's over. (Until the husband comes with the squirt bottle.) Beautiful quilt, beautiful dogs :)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Well, I should add that if it weren't "my" quilt, there would be no allowing the dogs anywhere near it. I put the gate up so they can't come in the room when I'm photographing now. However, now that I have my tall son, I think his standing on the couch and holding it up is the best idea I had. It will be my new way. hehe

SheilaC said...

The same thing happens at MY house except with CATS!!! :)

the quilt looks good with dogs all over it!!