Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A productive day - First WIP/UFO post

Okay, so only a couple of you are interested in following along so I'm going to keep all this simple. I posted a list to the right with my WIP/UFO quilts. I'll post a monthly (maybe 2) updates on how I'm doing.

I don't have any finishes YET but I did take the last 3 evenings and get 3 of the WIP tops complete and ready for quilting.

The Western Wall Hanging is ready to quilt. This will be my first adventure with invisible thread on my Ms. Midge (my Voyager 17).

The Penquin Wall Hanging has been sewn down and before I go any further, I have a question. There will be embellishments for the eyes, buttons, etc. Should I add those before or after I quilt it? I'm thinking after but... ??

The LSU quilt is ready to be quilted. This was going to be a gift to DH and I for the house (make all my family guests sleep under it since they love other teams... hehe) but now he wants to give it to friends of ours. I don't want to. I'm already disappointed with my lack of attention to cutting/sewing which has led to uneven corner seams. I also screwed up the order of the blocks so it doesn't look quite as neet as the pattern. As a matter of fact, when I look at it, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It doesn't 'flow' as nice as the pattern but it does work. Anyway, I told him I'd rather keep it, buy a new kit and make that one for our friends but, what can I do? He doesn't see the flaws like I do. I guess I'll have to let you know how that one works out! :D

Anyway, that's my update for the beginning of the month. With luck, when I update you end of Jan/beginning of Feb., I will have those quilted and one of them bound.

So, tell me where you are (those of you following along) at your starting point!


ps - I just found this blogger who's doing a 6-mo version of this! I'm going to link to it in my sidebar and here for you.


Myra said...

Hey Becky! Looks like we are all thinking of "getting'er done" with regards to our UFOs, WIPs, PhDs!!!
Good luck with yours, and thanks for the plug on my Challenge! 8-)

Shay said...

Hi Becky,

I have a list of my WIP's/ UFO's in my sidebar on my blog too , including putting the doomed vintage sheet quilt top back on it...and I've linked to your blog in my post about your UFO challenge.

I'd put the embellishments on the penguin quilt after quilting. I've run over beads when quilting in the past. Ugh! Snapped needles.

I'd like to get at least one more thing finished this month, just not sure where to start!

If you can get those three done this month - then you're a complete legend. Good Luck !

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Yes, Myra. I see out in blogworld that a lot of us were dragged running behind time last year and our desire is to fix that this year!

QiMP, thanks! I really DON'T think I'll finish those 3, I just happened to be close to getting them to the "quilt" point so I charged ahead. Now, well, I thought about loading one today to work in between "work" but instead am cutting out the remaining applique portions for the Airplane quilt. I'll be happy to have the LSU quilted or the 2 wall-hangings quilted by month end since those are small and I don't plan on intricate quilting for them. :)