Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I went searching through a seldom used box of quilting books/patterns today and came across 2 envelopes of blocks for 2 quilt tops.

My first thought was, "uh-oh" two more UFOs I need to complete.

My next thought, "no, they aren't on my original list and no one will know."

My final thought, "nice try idiot. you have to fess up, this is your resolution after all. Not to mention, but I will, you negotiate legal terms and conditions every day... perhaps a little honesty with those who bother to read your posts would be appropriate."

So, I come to you, hat in hand to say, the good angel won the discussion and I have 2 more UFOs I'll be posting to my list. It gives me sadness to add these, for some reason 1 per month average felt a whole lot more do-able than 1.17 per month.

Hey, it's a big difference! Really. Just as I was thinking of starting a new project. Maybe I'm not really sad about the UFOs but more sad that I have to figure and reorganize my schedule once more if I truly want to get these done AND be able to add a few other projects into the year.

Or maybe I feel sad because I really didn't get a chance to do any sewing today except to add patches to my son's boyscout shirt.

Or maybe it's just my "woman's time."

Yeah... maybe.

So, back to it. 2 more UFOs added. At least I'm honest. BLAH


Shay said...

Yeah but dont you feel better for having confessed?

Anyway,your original goal was to "FINISH all or most of my WIP's & UFO's", so I think if you aim for the original 1 per month you'll doing better than most !

And it's 353 days till the end of the year ...plenty of time.

Bridget B said...
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Bridget B said...

Guess it iis too early in the morning for me- I mispelled a word in my previous post. Good luck with your UFO's. I know if I looked I would probably find a couple.

Myra said...

Hey Becky!
This read was a hoot! Thanks for the laugh!
I wish you much success with your UFOs, WIPs, PhDs!!! You can do it! 8-)
Quilt on!