Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Resolutions & UFOs

I started 2009 in a great place mentally and emotionally. I was productive in my personal and professional life.

Things were good.

Somewhere along the way, I got off track. I don't know how/where/when but somewhere or maybe over time, I became tired, beat up, overloaded. Felt like an oarless rowboat in the sea. There was nothing anyone or I did to create this, I think. I believe it was just life took hold and I wasn't effectively communicating anymore. How could I? I wasn't even acknowledging I was overloaded myself until the 2 week vacations I was supposed to get ended up being worked through and I never had my "me" time before the mad rush of the holidays. It was only at that point, and a minor meltdown at work, I realized I had to change things and fast.

However, once again, it had to wait. Wait for the right time to talk with my boss, wait for the right time to talk with hubby, wait for the holiday stress. Wait worked until Dec. 24. At that point, hubby asked something of me. I lit into him. I bitched, I moaned, I bitched more. (Have no fear ladies, he yelled back at me- he's good like that. ;) ) The house was empty, my family went to Christmas Eve Mass while I stayed to work on some necessary wrapping. They took the kids so house was empty while hubby and I talked.

2 hours later we were finally on the same page. Having each let out our long pent up grievances with life and finding our foundation again. Christmas Day, I promptly got sick. Ever get that? You finally, finally, let go of whatever you've been holding onto and your body says, "okay, defenses down... now's the time to lay her out so she REALLY gets some rest"? well, happened to me. A congestion/coughing cold that settled deep into my chest, took away my voice and left me tired and achy. I did the bare minimum at work and nothing else.

I spent that week chilling and thinking about what I needed to do/change over the next year. The first thing, I wanted to celebrate the little things. I started with my giveaway. I enjoyed it so much, my first resolution is to do a giveaway every birthday! I hope I can always find something appealing to you. :)

Anyway, long post coming to an end, I figured out what I need to stay centered and balanced and thus, hopefully, prevent another all out fit at poor hubby anytime in the near future (let's face it, I'm sure there will be a few more of these in our marriage so I'm being realistic in holding it to near future! -wink-).

(1) Host another giveaway on my birthday at the end of the year.

(2) EXERCISE and EAT BETTER/HEALTHIER (I know many say this but over the last couple months, I've looked at my little boobies and they are actually sagging. I know this may be TMI but really, I've always had a small chest it's just never been noticeably lower than it has been the last couple months. Nor has my skin sagged so or I've looked tired and older than my 36 years. I just don't think I look healthy and I need to change that. I'm ONLY 36. I shouldn't feel older than that or feel I look it so that is changing. I am finally incented to do something.)
(2)(a) keep food and exercise journal on weightwatchers for the next 3-6 months to keep me honest.
(2)(b) set up exercise schedule and KEEP to it. If I schedule it in my day, I can't make the excuse there's no time.

(3) GET ORGANIZED in my quilting world. This means, FINISH all or most of my WIP's & UFO's this year and work on only those necessary new projects (of course, you probably notice I am not defining "necessary" -hehe).

(4) COMMUNICATE with hubby. -wait, maybe this should be #1... yeah, consider this #1 with the rest to follow! (yikes, hope he's not reading).

Now, the reason I posted this LONG post... I want to be accountable. I think I've got hubby on board with holding me to #2 and #4 but I need you for #1 and #3.

I've seen last year where folks list their UFO's and mark em off as they work them. I'm wondering if this might not be a good idea and does anyone want to join me? If so, leave a comment and we can try to figure out how best to keep each other motivated. Maybe a 1x per month check-in post (with a bi-monthly reminder)? I have 12 UFO/WIPs that I can think of off the top of my head and that just bugs me.

So, where are you at? Are you in?

Cheers! Beck


Moneik said...

I completely hear you on the finishing up UFO's front. I have about 15 I plan to work on this year and get them off my plate.

Shay said...

I'm a new convert to your blog Love your writing style, your honesty and your open-ness. I can really relate to a lot of what you write.

I'm afraid I dont have a lot of UFO's...but I've just decided to give up on one of my quilt tops because I hate it so much. Yeah -I'm a quitter.

The only monkey on my back is a vintage chenille quilt I'm making for the birth of my grandson. He's six months old now, and it should have been finished 6 months ago...sigh.

I'll join along just to have someone kick my butt into finishing it. If I dont, he'll be getting it when he starts high school or something.

Gari in AL said...

Last year my only resolution was to work on, and complete, one UFO a month, to complete at least one charity quilt every two months and to work on one new project. This was a reasonable plan (with the exception of Nov and Dec when I worked on left over Christmas gifts) and left me open to new things. I also worked on 4 BOMs which gets me started this year with new UFOs. I like the feeling of moving forward but not being pushed from behind.

Vivian said...

UFOs aren't the most devastating thing to deal with in life, next to health and family, but they really weigh us down, don't they?

Quilting is supposed to be the relaxing part of my life, but when I keep finding unfinished projects and a list of "want to make" projects and I keep buying supplies that I don't need, I get frustrated and mad at myself. Not good!

I'll join you in my plan to work on those UFOs. I've been a quilter for long enough that I have a larger-than-life stash of supplies, my fabrics, my books, my patterns. I want to work on my UFOs gradually and NOT buy anything new.

So what is the topic of my most recent post? My newest quilt book purchases. Bad girl! Bad girl!

I promise to do better myself, and I hope that you achieve all that you want this year. We care, and we're all in this together.

Susan Entwistle said...

I'm in. Kick my butt and motivate me to finish my SILs beach house quilt. Can you believe I actually spent the day yesterday rearranging FQs in my cubbies rather than sandwich and pin that puppy?