Saturday, May 1, 2010

Revamping a koozie - Tutorial

Finally, the tutorial on how to go from this freebie to this.

1. Start with a cheap koozie.  Those free promotional ones are nice. Start getting those when they hand them out, these make good gifts.

2. Tunr the koozie inside out and rip out the seems so it will lay flat.

3. Put paper under and trace a template. (Note, this will create a template for future koozies. You could buy thin foam if you don't have more koozies.)

4. Cut out the template.

5. Place it over the fabric and pin in place. Cut 1/2" further out from the edge of the fabric.

6. Remove the template and pin fabric to the foam. Be sure to pin wrong side of fabric to right side of foam and center the fabric over the foam.

7. Trim diagonally in corners so you can fold fabric over foam to the wrong side. Only do this at the nec, shirt tail and sleeve cuffs.  (This step is not necessary if you are using a koozie that is just a cup shape to put a can in  and not a shirt to go over a bottle.)

8. Fold edges over, pin and sew seams over loosely using a stretch stitch. Careful, if you pull these tight, there will be no room for the foam to stretch over the bottle.  It should leave you about 1/8" of folded fabric hanging off edge of foam. Or rather the fold is 1/8" away from the foam.

9. Line wrong sides together and sew 1/8" seam. Sewing only where sewn on the original.

10. Trim extra fabric to 1/8" and corners. Turn right side out and enjoy!

A warning again. If you do not use a STRETCH STITCH of some sort, you will end up with a koozie like this... one that doesn't go over the bottle. I forgot when I started the tutorial so you get to see the one that works and the one that doesn't.

Cheers! Beck


Barb said...

too cute....great tutorial.

SandyQuilts said...

I've never seen a koozie ... where does one find them? It would be perfect for GD#1 who will be off to college this fall. thanks.

Shay said...

I love your koozies with the little arms...I've never seen one here either.

I've also been wondering where you got to ...

Koozies said...

These designs look awesome. However, don't you think the t-shirt design will be a disadvantage for gripping the bottle?

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Other than my lack of stretch stitching for the t-shirt one, the use of that particalar type of koozie hasn't given me any problems with gripping.

I don't take credit for the design, just making them look nicer than the foam. :)